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North and overseas

Within the binca group, levenstond with its production facility in Riemst, Belgium, is responsible for primary processing and inbound from Belgium, North and Northwest Europe and overseas. We mainly process whole fish (salmonids), which we fillet and pack. Other seafood will be repacked and prepared for transport to binca manufaktur in Perschling from the end of 2022.

Why levenstond 22+? We are currently working on the integration and reorganisation of our company into the binca group.

Products and services

  • Fresh and frozen fish and seafood
  • International inbound hub north and overseas
  • Filleting
  • Packaging / repackaging Polyboxes and vacuum
  • Order picking
  • Logistics consolidation with binca manufaktur
  • Outbound hub overseas
  • Delivery to shops de vis factorij in Belgium

Contact us

Your direct way to our team

Levenstond Seafood NV
Allewijstraat 1
B-3770 Riemst

+32 12 420110