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fish and seafood in mind

Our mission

The binca group is an internationally active group of companies that specialises in fish and seafood and operates its own production facilities in Belgium and Austria.

Our five companies have one mission: we want to inspire our customers every day with qualitative, innovative and sustainable products and services.

To fulfil this mission, we work along the entire value chain: from the fisherman and fish farmer, through production and logistics, to our customers and consumers.

We do not simply sell fish and seafood, but we develop customised and optimised concepts for freshness, frozen and convenience. Our customers include food retailers and wholesalers, industry and e-commerce.

binca group

The five companies in our group

The five companies in our group - binca development, cps processing, binca manufaktur, concept cool and de vis factorij - know the requirements of our customers and business partners.

They work along the entire value chain to optimise the customer experience of enjoying fish: From the fisherman and fish farmer, through primary and secondary processing, to the market concept and frozen food as a service.

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Become part of the team!

Fish is a fascinating and valuable food that can be used to conjure up the most amazing dishes and flavours.

We are passionate about this culinary variety and work every day to ensure that more and more people can enjoy healthy, tasty and sustainable fish.

We offer a wide range of job profiles from production and warehouse to jobs in administration, organisation and management such as sales, marketing, controlling, human resources and IT.

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We define sustainability along the entire value chain

We are dealing with a particularly valuable commodity: Fish and seafood are building blocks of a healthy diet and the most important source of protein in many parts of the world. The sustainable use of these natural resources from wild catch and aquaculture is the basis for our business activities. We are also committed to environmental and climate protection in our operations and to social sustainability for our employees.


To protect the oceans, our products are predominantly from MSC-certified fisheries or ASC-certified aquaculture. ASC certification guarantees that strict regulations in the area of environmental and social standards have been adhered to in the conventional rearing and processing of fish and marine animals in aquaculture operations. Our organic products are certified according to EU-BIO-SIEGEL and Naturland.


We obtain the electricity for our modern fresh fish factory Perschling from renewable energies . In addition, we have installed a photovoltaic system on 1,340 sqm roof area.In addition, we are installing a photovoltaic system on 1,340 square metres of roof space. The total of 736 photovoltaic modules have a peak output of 276 kWp, which in turn corresponds to an annual yield of approx. 273,500 kWh AC. Assuming an average consumption of 5,000 kWh for a 4-person household, we could supply around 50 households with electricity. This corresponds to an annual saving of 164 tonnes of CO2 that would normally be emitted for this output through electricity from various fossil fuels.


For sustainable employee mobility, the binca group fleet in St. Pölten and Perschling includes four fully electric and thus locally emission-free BMW i3s. The electrified vehicles are charged at the green electricity charging stations on the binca manufaktur factory premises in Perschling.

binca manufaktur

Our new fish factory

At the gates of the Lower Austrian capital St. Pölten we have recently opened our brand new and Austria's largest and most modern fresh fish processing and refining manufactory, the binca manufaktur.

We will be supplying our customers directly from Perschling as early as the end of 2022. The binca manufaktur will create attractive jobs in a modern environment. Join us as we open a new chapter in the history of our company.

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