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Completely new and unique in austria

Why we are proud of our new production facility

Our new binca manufaktur right at the gates of the Lower Austrian capital St. Pölten is Austria's largest and most modern fresh fish processing and refinement manufactory. Here we produce, partly by hand, the best fresh fish products that taste good and are healthy.

We have modern workplaces in warehouse and production.

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Fresh fish challenge

Working in the binca manufactory

Fresh fish is a valuable and tasty foodstuff that only has a short shelf life. So the fresher the better. In order to achieve this, a sophisticated refrigeration and hygiene management system is required, which places special demands on processing and logistics. Fresh fish production is therefore a real challenge for the entire team.

State-of-the-art production technologies

At binca manufaktur, we have prepared ourselves for this: We use the most modern production technologies and have a consistent refrigeration and hygiene management. But we have also made sure that our employees have the best possible comfort and can relax during their breaks, because working space is living space for us.

Working space is living space

In most of the rooms we work in daylight. Working clothes are provided fresh every day. We have break rooms and a sunny canteen with catering and a view of the Vienna Woods. Small amenities are also provided: our work boots are cleaned, ventilated and warmed daily. And much more - we want to feel good.

That is why we call ourselves a manufactory

We want to constantly improve our products and offer our customers variety and individual solutions. To this end, we use manual labour: for example, we lovingly season and marinate by hand with creative flavours. To reflect this variety, our employees will be trained and responsible for a greater number of work steps. This is what makes working for us so varied.

We are looking for you!

Employees and shift leaders in warehouse and production logistics

Your shift starts with goods receiving and storage. You will then provide the production team with raw materials, consumables and packaging materials for their shift. Labelling the packaged products is just as much a part of your job as goods issue. You also work in waste disposal and cleaning.

You don't mind working at 2 degrees Celsius and in a deep-freeze warehouse?

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Do you have the confidence to lead a team?

Then apply here directly as a shift leader!

We are looking for you!

Employees and shift leaders in production

At the beginning of your shift, the team from production logistics will hand over the prepared raw materials to you. You take care of preparing the machines and the required marinades and seasonings. Then the products are portioned, marinated, seasoned and packed, partly by hand and with machine support. You then hand the packaged products back to the warehouse logistics team, who take care of everything else. You also do cleaning work.

You don't mind working at 8 degrees Celsius and having a go?

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Do you have the confidence to lead a team?

Then apply here directly as a shift leader!

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