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Corporate Strategy

Innovative and sustainable products and services

The binca brand has been around for many decades. It unites people and companies who all share the same passion: the enthusiasm for fish and seafood.

In 2012, companies from Germany, Austria and Vietnam joined forces to form our group of companies, the binca group, in order to be able to fulfil our mission even better: to offer our customers from food retail and wholesale, industry and e-commerce innovative and sustainable products and services.

Creating long-term growth and value

As part of the programme "We are (re-)inventing ourselves! binca group 2020-2024", we have decided to take another important step in our future development: we are investing in our own production facilities and reorganising our business model along the entire value chain. To this end, we integrated the Belgian company levenstond, with a primary processing production facility in Riemst and fish stores under the de vis factorij brand, into our group of companies and built the new binca manufaktur, a secondary processing production facility in Perschling near St. Pölten in Lower Austria, which opened in October 2022. The newly founded binca development and concept cool, which has been established for years, complete our group of companies.

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Management Holding and Leadership

The five companies of the binca group are family businesses and medium-sized enterprises that concentrate fully on their operational tasks. The management holding of the binca group, Fritsch Beteiligungsgmbh, combines the strategic functions of the group of companies. The management holding assumes a coordinating influence on the companies of the binca group and offers central services.

Mag. Oliver Fritsch

Owner and Managing Director

Oliver Fritsch heads the Management Holding of the binca group. He is also Managing Director of concept cool Vertriebsgesellschaft m.b.H (concept cool) and BINCA Handels GmbH (binca manufaktur). Oliver has extensive experience along the entire fish and seafood value chain with a focus on product range strategy, sourcing and logistics. He works with numerous business partners on a European and international level.

The Management Holding has the following divisions

Division 1
Finance & Controlling, Organisation, Business Development, Sales, Strategic Sourcing, Quality Management, Logistics

Division 2
IT, Processes, Production, Facility Management

Division 3
Corporate Identity, Communication/PR, Marketing, Sustainability, Change

Division 4
Human Resources, New Work

Corporate culture

Orientation in challenging times

The current environment of our group of companies is undoubtedly complex and challenging. We are confronted with a raw materials crisis: Agricultural raw materials, packaging, energy but also transport have become massively more expensive. Our customers expect security of supply and individual solutions from us. Last but not least, our mission is to continue to guarantee the supply of high-quality and affordable products. Despite all these challenges, we will continue to work consistently on the issues of ecological and social sustainability as well as on climate protection measures.

Basic principles of our work

Our corporate culture should guide our thoughts and actions in order to make good, considered and clear decisions. For this, we do not need short-lived fashions or flowery and trendy formulations, but rather a "toolbox" of "basic principles" that are comprehensible, implementable and thus liveable for all of us.

Our "toolbox"

1. We perform and bear responsibility: we are profit-oriented companies and have to make a profit. In doing so, we recognise the challenges of our time and bear responsibility wherever possible.

2. Working space is living space: only where we can develop and feel comfortable will we be able to expect demanding performance in a collegial environment.

3. Success is a joint effort: it takes many people to be successful. We do not differentiate between producers, suppliers, employees, logisticians and customers. Each and every individual, every relationship is equally important to us.

4. We speak and act clearly, comprehensibly and appreciatively: we do not speak in platitudes, we get to the point. We value a diversity of opinions and ideas. We resolve conflicts transparently, honestly and in partnership.

5. We always keep the mission in mind: we think entrepreneurially and act in the spirit of the company's mission. We learn quickly from our mistakes.

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