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Family business

Down-to-earth medium-sized company

The binca group consists of five family-owned companies that have joined forces to create a group of companies that optimises the customer experience of enjoying fish: From fisherman and fish farmer, to primary and secondary processing, to the market concept and frozen food as a service.


Customised concepts

We don't just sell fish and seafood, we develop customised retail and HoReCa concepts in the areas of assortment, quality, logistics, distribution and systems/processes.

Assortment: We know the requirements of category and brand management and develop products from shelf to counter for end consumers and demanding professional users.

Quality: Our quality management covers the entire value chain - from product to production and packaging.

Logistics: We design logistics solutions that are convincing in terms of freshness, bundling and sustainability.

Sales: We think and act in a sales-oriented way in the requirements of our customers' markets.

Systems/processes: We integrate our concepts into the structure and organisation of our customers.

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